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5 insights | Cannes Lions 2012:

Innovation > Creativity
Problem solving > Advertising
For good > for business
Product > Communication
? > !

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My speech from the crowd | Cannes Lions Ceremony 2012

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At the Press Conference | Cannes Lions 2012

In Direct we admire the power of a relationship.
Emotional engagement is not an option, it is the mission.
We believe our Grand Prix (Small Business gets an official day by American Express) does exactly that.

It’s a true game changer.

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Cannes Lions 2012 | My criteria

Shortlist – I really love it
Bronze – I wish I’d done this
Silver – I couldn’t have done it
Gold – I could have never thought of it

My Twitter @GideonAmichay

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For the Cannes Lions Festival Programme, all the Jury members were asked 2 questions

Here are my answers.

“What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?”
My advice would be:
Follow your passion.
Give it a real chance.
Work hard at it.
Put all your effort into making it happen.
Life is not a sketch, it’s the execution.

“What is your motto for life?”
I always do what I love to do.
Some people, by mistake, call it “work”.
Having said that, I choose to combine what I love doing with what is really hard and challenging.
That’s a great place to be.

My Twitter @GideonAmichay

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2353 (!) entries in the Cannes Lions Direct category

Let me start with a little story.
When you ask people from our industry what’s the reason for a bad campaign, the answer comes quickly. That’s easy… most people say: “You need a bad client…”

So, what does it take to create a good piece of work?

That’s easy too. Most answers will be “You need a good agency and a good idea.” Sometimes they are generous and say ” and a good client”.

However, when we ask what it takes to create great work, there is some confusion.

Some will say we need a great idea, or a great agency, or a great client.

I personally think these are just the basics.

There is one more important thing.


Trust between us & our clients, is the most valuable and necessary currency needed in order to create really great work.

It’s only then, that we can really go on to the next level; to the courageous solution and doing a really great job.

Speaking of trust, people from all over the world put so much money and effort behind entering work into the Cannes Lions. All over the world they put their trust in us, as a jury. Trust that we will have the patience and energy to carefully watch every piece of work.

Thank you for that trust. We won’t let you down. With that great trust, I hope we’ll do a great job, not just a good one.

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It’s adventure time | Cannes Lions 2012

Next week I’ll be in Cannes, starting off on what will certainly be one of the most exiting weeks in my life. As President of this year’s Cannes Lions Direct Jury I’ll be meeting all the jurors for the first time at a special dinner next Tuesday. Here is the email I sent yesterday to each of them, personally. Enjoy.

Dear “mister X”,

It’s adventure time!!!
Over the next week we will be embarking on an exciting voyage that will take us to the Southern shores of France.

Therefore, as “captain” of the Cannes Direct Lions Jury “Pirate Ship”, I would like to welcome you on board.
Ok – the pirate ship stuff may be a little over the top….and we may not exactly be pirates, but hey; we’re definitely not in for a gentle tourists cruise. So let’s redefine and settle for explorers – Columbus style – of new worlds and continents.

While we may face high seas and tempests, the next weeks can be some of the most exciting and challenging we have ever known.
It’s extremely rare to have such a great group of top visionary thinkers, sitting together in one room (uhhh, deck), trying to define where our industry is going. But that is exactly the magic of the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, the most prestigious international festival of creativity.

A magic generated by a tradition of hundreds of people before us, relentlessly searching and pushing for the discovery of unchartered territory and new worlds. Carrying on that tradition is a huge responsibility.

That’s why we are so lucky to judge the Direct category. DIRECT is maybe the most important language of our time. As I wrote in my president note some months ago: “In the beginning there was direct. Today, everyone understands that touching people and building true relationships are at the heart of every message and every medium. Direct was, is and always will be the true essence of marketing. The art of relationship building, direct to the heart, delivered by every technology, is the challenge of the communication world.”

“X” , I’m looking forward to seeing you next week. While aboard, it will be our job to put together the best DIRECT showreel ever, NO MATTER what country, network or agency the work is from. It’s our showreel as a Jury. It should be, and could be the best ever made. I’m sure of it.

So, let’s have debates. Let’s learn, get inspired, explore, and have fun!

Your Captain,

Gideon Amichay

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When “How” met “No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes” …

It was a pleasure to meet Dov Seidman (author of the book “How”), at the Innovation Forum/IDC Herzliya, Israel. I loved his lecture about the “how” factor in business. It was smart and full of wisdom. Dov’s presentation was inspirational convincing and showcased the power of values with wit.

I was moved by his words about my lecture (The book: “No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes”)… and at the end of the day we exchanged books.

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Let’s push even further

Every creative tries to push to the limits. Then, his creative director pushes further.

Later, his chief creative officer will push harder. And finally, the worldwide chief creative officer will give it another last push.

The 2012 New York Festival Executive Jury, with so much wisdom in one room, was an extraordinary experience.

Let’s push even further.

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